Welcome to the Innovation Cities™ Program by 2thinknow.

Knowhow to turn your ideas into innovation in cities globally.

2thinknow is the founder & creator of the Innovation Cities™ concept in 2006.

2thinknow was first. We originated the first concept of innovation as a networked city-based phenomenon in 2006.

This program is the original research into city innovation, and offers cities and business powerful tools for innovation which have been proven and the developed over this period. We understand city innovation better and more deeply than others coming late to the party. Our leadership and long term commitment assists organizations create city innovation and understand cities as markets. Clients range from blue chips to governments to business of all sizes.

Start your journey with the Innovation Cities™ Index...

Classifying cities since 2007 to measure your cities potential as an innovation economy.

Innovation Cities™ Index 2016-2017 Released.

Once you have a general view, move into specific commercial data and training products to grow and profit from the innovative segments of your local economy, or compare global cities for innovation. Then when you are ready, work with 2thinknow analysts to grow and develop innovation in your city and business.

Like these clients, you can trust us with the data, training and web projects to turn your local ideas into an innovation process.

2thinknow's work has been featured in thousands of Media Releases globally

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