About the Innovation Cities™ Program

Welcome to the Innovation Cities™ Program by 2thinknow.

Knowhow to turn your ideas into innovation in cities globally.

2thinknow is the founder & creator of the Innovation Cities™ concept in 2006.

2thinknow was first. We originated the first concept of innovation as a networked city-based phenomenon in 2006.

This program is the original research into city innovation, and offers cities and business powerful tools for innovation which have been proven and the developed over this period. We understand city innovation better and more deeply than others coming late to the party. Our leadership and long term commitment assists organizations create city innovation and understand cities as markets. Clients range from blue chips to governments to business of all sizes.

Created by 2thinknow

World's First Innovation Agency, 2thinknow Innovation services and programs are designed to support innovation in cities, business & government.

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Established 2007

2thinknow provide cities, business and government with Innovation Programs to systemise the innovation process. We provide professional services within these programs to enable clients to implement ideas as an innovation process.

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Commercial Quality Data

This is a commercial quality program, with insights based around corporate data on cities as sold to major corporations. Rather than old, tired statistics, the latest data is used.

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Research started with free city rankings...

Based on 2005 research, the first city rankings by 2thinknow of 22 cities were scored from 95 cities in 2007. This was accompanied by the first Innovation Cities™ Analyst Report, then called the Global Innovation Review.

Now, the Innovation Cities™ Index covers 500+ cities, across 1300+ Data Points, 162 Indicators and 31 Segments broken down into 3 Factors.

In 2014 2thinknow began improving and building the data platform through R&D.

In 2012, this began a slow transition to measure and describe all cities using quantitative algorithms, a transition to be completed in 2017.

In 2010, the City Benchmarking Data data gathering program moved out of beta and into production, benchmarking 289 major global cities.

In 2008, this became the Innovation Cities™ Index, expanded to the 256 cities scored for innovation in 2009.


Start your journey with the Innovation Cities™ Index...

Classifying cities since 2007 to measure your cities potential as an innovation economy.

Innovation Cities™ Index 2016-2017 Released.

Once you have a general view, move into specific commercial data and training products to grow and profit from the innovative segments of your local economy, or compare global cities for innovation. Then when you are ready, work with 2thinknow analysts to grow and develop innovation in your city and business.

Leading into the Innovation Cities™ Program

The Innovation Cities™ Program was established 2006, with the first Innovation Cities Index published 2007. Being the leader to analytically understand city innovation and economic growth, 2thinknow have had many years to map and analyse the process of city innovation.

The Innovation Cities™ Program has become an evidence-based city development program, for economic development of cities on a broad basis.

The Program is the only commercial program of its type independent of Government (except some R&D breaks in Australia).

Region and City Locations

The Innovation Cities™ Program is independent, and provides insight to clients in city government, investors, trade boards, state and federal government, business and communities across North America (USA & Canada), Australia, New Zealand, European Union, Singapore and Asia.

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The Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report - global city report

City Benchmarking Data™ - measuring city performance

Local Innovation Forum™ event - community town hall events

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Other City Rankings & Indexes

2thinknow also create or contribute to a number of indexes and city rankings -- for specific purposes.

See our handy ready-reckoner of all the main city rankings here.