Business Data


Measure any data point you need for any cities.

For businesses, we have a wide range of Data Points on all cities covering demographics, economics, statistics, technology, virtually a complete breakdown of each city, standardised for comparison. We can also provide a range of additional data services to solve your market, product and service development problems, and transform your vision of what is possible in cities.

For cities and researchers we have a wide variety of 162 standard indicators which we have benchmarked.

City Benchmarking Data by 2thinknow covers over 500 cities, making it the world's largest data-set, trusted by many. Purchase via Proposal.


Understand & respond to a disruptive world

2thinknow share their data-backed global analysis of cities and identify key trends on how major economic and social events will affect your enterprise and career.

Analyst reports, video conference experiences and one-on-one.

We include in our analysis probable threats and opportunities that you need to understand to benefit in a disruptive world.


Data You Can Use

Fortune 500 corporations, the top management consultants and smart businesses of all size use 2thinknow data. This City Benchmarking Data is the basis of the Innovation Cities Index, and includes every imaginable data point at a city level that your business needs to ideate (create), make, sell and grow markets for a product or service.



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