Understand global city trends, with 2thinknow analysis

Understand how global and regional trends impact cities.

Global and regional trends can be responsible for the success of certain cities during specific favorable periods. City trends can also require managing to reduce their less favorable impacts on cities. Only 2thinknow offers trend analysis as a structured approach to planning the impact of trends for business, government and NGO clients.

Logical framework

A trend analysis framework to map, understand and measure progress of trends impacting cities.

New thinking

Rational Economics & other analysis doesn't have a method to represent trends impact on city economics. On the other hand, trend watchers may identify forces as  'cool' or 'hip' - more approachable, yet subjective.

Measure trends

2thinknow have pioneered unique Trend Analysis methodologies to objectively quantify & measure trends; as potent comparative forces impacting cities.

Innovation programs

The Innovation Cities™ Index, classification of cities for innovation, is based in part on a current trend analysis

Visualise change

Trend analysis by 2thinknow can be visual and numerical. Data & intuition.

Current City Trends

Since 2009, the headline city trend force groupings are Economics, Equity & Environment. Without analysis the issues underneath these forces are dangerous forces threatening the economic and social wellbeing of cities.

Change Trend Opportunity

2thinknow see trends as economic & social opportunity for cities, when properly managed with local strengths, a challenge is an opportunity. An opportunity for business, city and government planning.

Analysis Reports & Consulting

2thinknow innovation consulting and analysis reports contain the Usable Insight for clients to take advantage of change trends.

Individual analysis reports and innovation consulting break forces down into specific trends driving the economic, demographic and social change in cities, and identify social and market opportunities and blockages.