City Resources

 Cities can now join the Innovation Cities™ Program at one of four subsidized levels for best value. Or order individual products.


For cities that are not yet listed in our Innovation Cities Index, or are a 'suburb' part of a larger urban area. If your council or city is not sure how to get into 'Smart' Cities, become more innovative or understand all the city development options, 2thinknow can ease the burden and help your Local Government Authority create a plan for far less than traditional consultants, or provide training. Request your free Local Government Proposal here.


2thinknow have had more than 10,000 media updates globally on innovation and cities in a mix of languages. Urban professionals seeking to learn more about city innovation should review our free articles, posts and videos. Also to advance in your career, urban professionals can organise their employer to hold our practitioner-certified innovation economy, placemaking and city branding training at your workplace. 2thinknow also allow you to order detailed data points to compare cities, or purchase our analysis. Request our free local resource 'How to Grow An Awesome Local Urban Innovation Economy' here


2thinknow have provided data resources on a commercial basis to numerous academic institutions. So please contact 2thinknow with your project ideas, but try to give us lead time.


Journalists or writers of all kinds writing about city innovation or comparing cities have referenced our Innovation Cities™ Index or interviewed us. 2thinknow work has been in over 100 languages, and we can provide resources for stories of interest you are working on. We are particularly helpful for business, technology, or city desk writers.